Temperature Screening

COVID-19 Workplace Safety Temperature Screening

AusHealth staff can now perform temperature screensWith the ongoing threat that COVID-19 poses to the community, Australian businesses must implement risk mitigation and contingency measures to ensure staff safety, product hygiene, and business continuance.

Temperature screening is a rapid, non-invasive and cost-efficient control measure that can help businesses to mitigate their risk on the work site.

AusHealth Work uses advanced infrared thermometers and can arrange thermal imaging devices enabling our staff to identify any personnel displaying an elevated surface temperature.

Service Summary

We provide staff nationally - we can get on site fast

  • AusHealth can provide your organisation with highly trained AusHealth employed staff to conduct temperature checks on your behalf. All of our staff have been screened and trained in the latest COVID-19 precautions and preventative measures to be signed off by the employer prior to entering a workplace.

Prevention - we will ensure that all your staff are screened into or out of your workplace

  • We will perform and record the temperature of each employee who passes through the entries or exits.

Shift screening - screens conducted between or during shifts identify employees with a raised temperature

  • Screening staff throughout a shift to maintain a healthy and safe work environment will identify those who have a raised temperature after commencing their shift.

Reporting - immediate reporting of a raised temperature

  • AusHealth will immediately isolate and notify the responsible on-site manager any employees who are identified as having a higher than normal temperature.

Our precautions - our staff are screened and trained in the latest COVID-19 precautions

  • To ensure your safety, AusHealth has implemented COVID-19 safety policies to ensure AusHealth staff are ‘safe’ and also actioning preventative measures on-site.

Key Benefits

Stopping the problem before it kills your business - most businesses are closing 24 hours to disinfect the workplace after an on-site report of COVID-19

  • Identifying employees who have a heightened body temperature can ensure that your workplace is not forced to shutdown.*

Employee wellness - your employees will feel safer knowing they are protected on-site

  • Temperature checking sends a clear signal to your employees you are taking proactive preventative action to protect your employees and their families.

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*Thermal imaging devices cannot detect COVID-19, however they can detect an elevated surface temperature symptomatic of a fever.