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Drug & Alcohol Programs
Addressing drugs and alcohol in the workplace improves safety and productivity.
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Education and Training
Educate your workforce to keep everyone on site safe and healthy
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On-site Employee Vaccinations
Keep your workforce healthy by protecting them from the flu, hepatitis and more.
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Supporting Medical Research
AusHealth work directs its profits to research in hospitals & laboratories in Australia.
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Delivering accredited workplace drug and alcohol testing, vaccinations, wellness education and training


A drug and alcohol policy forms the basis for addressing the use of substances in the workplace. AusHealth Work can help you develop or review your existing policy, through the experience and expertise of our in-house, PhD qualified Toxicologists.


Educating employees is a vital aspect of addressing drugs and alcohol in your organisation. AusHealth Work is a nationally Registered Training Organisation and can provide accredited and non-accredited training in health and safety including drugs and alcohol. Our training courses include:


With a policy in place and an educated team, testing can proceed. Workplace drug testing via specimens such as urine or oral fluid can be effective in identifying recent drug use that may pose a risk to a safe workplace. AusHealth Work also offers hair testing which can provide a longer-term view of a person’s drug use.
AusHealth Work has extensive experience working with clients across all industries to conduct 24/7 accredited on-site testing, Australia-wide.
AusHealth Work are experts in:


Enforcing a drug and alcohol policy does not have to be about punishing infractions. Our in-house toxicology team are there to provide interpretation of testing results and will work with your team to return employees to a productive and safe workplace.


Australian businesses who provide employee flu vaccines gain the following advantages:

  • A drop in influenza-related absenteeism rates
  • Reduced absences and time off for medical appointments
  • Better performance by happy employees for an employer that cares
  • Superior protection through ‘herd immunity’
  • No increased workload for employees who are not infected
  • Generally, a healthier workforce

AusHealth Work is an industry leader in the provision of high quality corporate Flu, Hepatitis A/B and DTP (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (Whooping Cough), across Australia. AusHealth Work takes pride in our broad customer base of Australian businesses who have recognised our corporate vaccine programs to be a worthy business investment. Our workplace flu vaccination services cater to all major metropolitan centres and many regional locations Australia wide.

To download the AusHealth 2019 Annual Report click here.