Japenese Encephalitis Workplace Vaccinations

Japenese Encephalitis Workplace Vaccinations

Japenese Encephalitis has declared a Communicable Disease Incident of National Significance by the Department of Health.

It is recommended that the following groups get vaccinated against the disease:

  • people who work at, reside at, or have a planned non-deferable visit to a:
    • piggery, including but not limited to farm workers and their families (including children aged 2 months and older) living at the piggery, transport workers, veterinarians and others involved in the care of pigs
    • pork abattoir or pork rendering plant.
  • personnel who work directly with mosquitoes through their surveillance (field or laboratory based) or control and management, and indirectly through management of vertebrate mosquito-borne disease surveillance systems (e.g. sentinel animals) such as:
    • environmental health officers and workers (urban and remote)
    • entomologists
  • all diagnostic and research laboratory workers who may be exposed to the virus, such as persons working with JEV cultures or mosquitoes with the potential to transmit JEV; as per the Australian Immunisation Handbook.

Benefit of an AusHealth Clinic

AusHealth registered Nurse immunisation providers have the experience and support to ensure a safe vaccination clinic, and the health and wellbeing of your team.

With the safety of your team paramount, our current controls for clinical risks include:

  • Real-time access to the Australian Immunisation Handbook which provides clinical guidelines for immunisation providers
  • Online Pre-Screening tools to ensure vaccination program participants are screened adequately for allergies and possible reactions
  • Automatic upload of vaccination information to AIR (Australian Immunistation Register) after being administered
  • AusHealth has a National COVIDSafe Plan which can be viewed here

Our vaccination platform, VaxApp allows your employees and their families (if extended to them) to easily book their vaccination time during the clinic, allowing for a seamless flow on the clinic day.

Imojev vaccine

AusHealth has access to the Imojev vaccines to help protect employees from Japenese Encephalitis.

Imojev is a live attenuated vaccine. This means it contains a weakened version of the live JE virus.
It is given as a single dose and recommended for use in people aged 9 months and over.

Imojev is not suitable for:

  • people who have a weakened immune system (immunocompromised)
  • pregnant people
  • infants aged less than 9 months.

A broad use of Imojev is appropriate; it has the benefit of requiring only a single dose and is available where there are constraints on supply of JEspect – the only other vaccine suitable for those who cannot receive Imojev.

Clinic Inclusions

Our pricing is inclusive of clinic fees, online booking system, Imojev vaccines, lollipops, upload to register, excluding travel more than 50 km (one way) from a metropolitan location or major regional centre location. There are no hidden costs, site fees etc. Click the 'Get a Quote Now' button below to get a quote of clinic cost.  

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Our licenses & accreditation

AusHealth Work is a licensed vaccine service provider in all States and Territories in Australia. Our systems and processes are independently audited and certified to the highest quality and safety standards, assuring our clients of the very best service.