Fatigue Management Services

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AusHealth has spent years researching and developing world leading Workplace Fatigue Management Solutions as part of its strategy to be a leader in Workplace Wellness. In 2018 AusHealth consulted with Dr Kirsty McCulloch, a world leading sleep expert and workplace fatigue specialist.

AusHealth has now launched these services Nationally underpinned by a world first biometric tool to measure a persons level of fatigue based on their sleep, alertness and fatigue related symptoms.

These fatigue management services are:

AusHealth Work now offers contemporary, practical, evidence-based fatigue management solutions. Our strategies apply to policy, rostering, training and benchmarking workplace fatigue.

We all know that sleep is a critical and necessary part of human life. Yet more than one third of Australians are sleep deprived. We see the consequences of this play out in our workplaces, our schools, relationships and our individual wellbeing. It is essential that we start to focus on effective fatigue management strategies.

Fatigue is more than just feeling tired – it’s a state of mental or physical impairment, caused by poor sleep quantity or quality; being awake for too long; or circadian disruption - being awake when our body clock is telling us we should be sleeping.

Well-rested, alert employees are critical to safe and productive operations. Traditionally, managing workplace fatigue has focused on limiting work hours and prescribing minimum break times. This is an important focus – to make sure workers have the opportunity to rest and recover in their breaks.

However, there are many other factors that impact on individual sleep and fatigue. These include family, lifestyle, dietary, medical and general health. The only way we can start to tackle this is through education and awareness.

Any company can benefit from addressing workplace fatigue. The benefits include a safer, more productive workforce, who are healthier and happier in their own right. Everybody wins.

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