Catch-up Voucher


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Some staff miss out? Buy them catch-up vouchers to use at our chemist partners.

AusHealth Work can provide vouchers for your team to redeem in-person at one of around 400 chemists or pharmacies across Australia.

Vaccinations are administered in private clinic rooms, and are delivered by trained pharmacists. Each appointment takes approximately 5 minutes, with a 15 minute observation time after the vaccine is delivered.

What's the process?

  1. Add enough vouchers to your cart
  2. Check out as normal
  3. AusHealth Work will email the nominated address with unique codes and a website for bookings
  4. You can share the codes with all participants, by email or printing the unique codes
  5. Participants register online through that page, and redeem their voucher
  6. Each person attends their booking, and is immunised like the rest of your team!


Have any further questions? Contact AusHealth Work today.