Which Urine Drug Test Cup?

[Guest article by AusHealth Work Business Development Executive, Jenny Landsberg. Jenny's extensive experience with AusHealth Work's clients gives her a thorough understanding of what customers look for in a testing device.]

Most suppliers of drug test products have one preferred device, but at AusHealth Work we offer two reputable and reliable drug test cups – the SureStep, and the MicroScreen.

Both cups have proven track records, all are compliant with AS/NZ 4308:2008 and both include inbuilt temperature strips and adulteration screens. Both devices are easy to use and require minimal training and can provide accurate results within 5 minutes.

So which to choose?

When purchasing a cup for urine drug testing the unique features of the cup should be a consideration, and also the features of the site or testing situation.

For instance, is it possible the conduct the test immediately after the specimen has been collected, or is there a time delay due to the toilet being located some distance from the private testing area? For this situation either the SureStep or MicroScreen provide the flexibility to activate the test at the appropriate time, rather than at the actual time the urine is collected.

Is appropriate storage a consideration? The MicroScreen allows the cups to be stored separate to the foil wrapped lids.

To help with choosing a suitable cup from the AusHealth Work range, check out this comparison:


Medvet 1072 web

MicroScreen Cup




AS/NZS 4308:2008 Compliance
Time for test result
5 minutes from activation   5 minutes from activation
In-built temperature testing strip
In-built adulteration panel
Technology used

 Immunoassay – lateral flow chromatography.

Colloidal gold conjugate.

Immunoassay – lateral flow chromatography.

Colloidal gold conjugate. 

Physical features
Key mechanism allows tester to control start time of test and avoid contact with urine. 

Testing and adulteration panel in lid for easy storage.

Test initiated when the sealed unit is orientated so that the urine contacts testing panel. 


 2 - 30°C

24 months shelf life

 4 - 30°C (lid required only)

24 months shelf life

External QC
Recommended Recommended

What is 'Colloidal Gold'? 

Dr Edwards, our Senior Toxicologist explains that this is simply part of the mechanism how drugs are detected in the sample. Gold is touted as being more precise, which may be of benefit if or when cut-off levels in the Australian Standards become lower. At this stage, however, AusHealth Work notices no difference in accuracy between the devices. Using this for decision-making may only be important if you need to gazette the model of device used, and are looking to future-proof your program.

Still unsure or have further questions? 

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