Rapid Antigen Testing Service

On-site screening may provide an immediate indication as to the possible infectiveness of any individual on a given work site, which will allow management to take swift and appropriate actions to maintain workplace safety. 

The implementation of on-site rapid testing for COVID-19 allows the potential for businesses to significantly reduce the waiting times associated with COVID-19 testing while also assisting in maintaining a COVID-safe workplace.

Rapid Anitgen test clinic

How does rapid antigen testing service work?

  • AusHealth has trained laboratory pathology tester and/or nurse to ensure the highest quality service which will come an conduct rapid antigen testing at your workplace. 
  • AusHealth staff will then conduct the test using a TGA approved device with a nasal swab. (Saliva available on request)
  • AusHealth staff will then process the sample through the device. Results only take 15 minutes. 
  • If negative, your staff will be able to work.
  • If positive, then your COVID-safe plan will be activated, notification will be given to management and donor should get a PCR test done.

Best practice is to test your workforce once every 72 hours to ensure that infection is caught as early as possible. AusHealth can work with you on a schedule that best suits your workplace's needs.

What test device is used?

AusHealth use the INNOSCREEN™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit which is TGA approved. It has a test specificity of 99.25% and an overall sensitivity rate of 83.33%. These are available to purchase so you can conduct testing within your own workplace using your own healthcare professional. Find out more about the  INNOSCREEN™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Kit here.

Who will be conducting the test?

The test will be administered by an AusHealth staff member who is trained laboratory pathology tester and/or nurse to ensure the highest quality service. We have over 200 testers nationally to ensure we have full coverage for most locations.