What is Influenza?

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Influenza, commonly known as “flu,” costs Australian businesses more than two billion dollars every year. So, the health and well being of employees should be a priority of all companies and corporations. 

“AusHealth Work” offers an “on-site” flu vaccination clinic for businesses. We have a highly qualified team of Nurses. We come to you with a customized approach to the flu vaccination needs for your business.

AusHealth Work operates countrywide in Australia. Our goal is to save your business money by reducing absenteeism and sick leaves thus, increasing productivity and raising the morale of your staff. We offer the best prices so that you don't lose another deadline or another day’s productivity because of flu sickness at your workplace.

You have two options while considering flu vaccines for employees.

  • On-site flu clinics
  • Vouchers

These vouchers can be easily redeemed at all participating pharmacies in Australia.

We can also help with marketing your clinic to your workplace.

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