Working age adults account for as much as 60% of all laboratory-confirmed cases of influenza, according to data from the National Notifiable Diseases Surveillance System.

This means time off work and lower productivity, for both the affected worker and their colleagues. It could also mean several employees are affected at once.

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The virus can be transmitted through the air or on surfaces, and can be spread before symptoms are present

Vaccinating each employee takes just a few minutes, and offering a flu vaccination clinic at your workplace can

  • Keep workers and their family healthy
  • Prevent the spread through the workplace
  • Save your business money
Worker and Family Health

Your employees all have exposure to the flu outside the office. By interacting with clients and customers, or after hours with family and friends, your team could unwittingly become infected. This could cause them to lose productivity, or call in sick. A yearly flu jab at the start of the season can protect them from contracting the virus, or reduce the severity or duration of an infection. Protecting the worker can also improve the family's health, meaning they are less likely to need to take time off work to care for sick relatives.

Office Epidemics

When a single team member contracts influenza, the close proximity in offices, communal spaces like break rooms, or with shared tools or other items, means many more workers could be at risk. As mentioned, the flu virus can survive and infect from personal contact, in the air, and on surfaces even after the person has physically moved away. Multiple people away from the business can severly impact your productivity - as well as stress levels, as healthy workers pick up the slack. The best protection is to immunise as many workers as possible within the organisation, approaching 'herd immunity', and ensuring health and morale levels remain high.

Saving Money

Absent workers, or those present while ill, cost you direct personal leave expense or lost productivity. For the cost of a vaccination clinic (plus optional extras such as online booking calendars), AusHealth Work will come to you, and immunise anyone on-site wanting the vaccine. A few days' wages for a single unwell person in many circumstances would greatly exceed this expense. Between direct and indirect costs, many estimates say encouraging vaccination pays for itself many times over in foregone costs.

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