Will the flu vaccine protect against COVID-19?

Flu vaccine does not protect against the virus that causes COVID-19, but does reduce the risk of seasonal influenza, a potentially serious illness.

What is the difference between Covid-19 and influenza?

In many ways, COVID-19 and seasonal influenza are similar. In both, fever and cough are common, and both can cause mild to severe illness and can sometimes be fatal.

Both viruses spread from person-to-person the same way, through uncovered coughs and sneezes, close contact and when you touch your face (especially lips, mouth, eyes and nose) or food with unwashed hands that have come into contact with the virus on unclean surfaces.

Influenza has a short incubation period (the time from infection to becoming unwell), of 1–2 days. The incubation period for COVID-19 is 1–14 days, and most often 5–6 days.

COVID-19 seems more likely to cause severe illness than seasonal influenza. While most people have mild COVID-19 illness that can be managed at home, around 15 per cent (1–2 people in every ten people infected) have severe illness, and 5 percent (one in 20 people infected) need intensive care.

Can I take Covid-19 and influenza vaccines together?

No. Routine scheduling and giving of an influenza vaccine with a COVID-19 vaccine on the same day is not recommended. The preferred minimum interval between a dose of seasonal influenza vaccine and a dose of BNT162b2 or ChAdOx1-S is 14 days. See www.aushealthwork.com.au for more information. AusHealth will refer to the AIR to ensure there has been a 14 day period between vaccinations.

What is AusHealth’s response to COVID-19?

AusHealth has a National COVIDSafe Plan which can be viewed at www.aushealth.com.au.

What preparations does Aushealth take prior to a flu clinic?

AusHealth will conduct a site checklist and risk assessment in order to ensure that we maintain the safety of everyone concerned during your clinic.

Will you provide a COVID Safe ‘check in’ QR code?

In the case where a client does not have a QR code or manual check in AusHealth may provide a QR code check in if it is required under State or Federal legislation.

Recording client information

AusHealth will access the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) to update your information and immunisation history. At this time we record the vaccination given and date.

What is the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)?

The AIR is a national register that records vaccines given to people of all ages in Australia. Your vaccination records can be accessed at https://my.gov.au/.