A healthier workplace

Flu diagram page 2aWhy have on-site workplace vaccinations?

Australian businesses who provide employee flu vaccines gain the following advantages:

  • A drop in influenza-related absenteeism/presenteeism rates
  • Reduced absences and time off for medical appointments
  • Better performance by happy employees for an employer that cares
  • Superior protection through ‘herd immunity’
  • No increased workload for employees who are not infected
  • Generally, a healthier workforce

Our licenses & accreditation

AusHealth Work is a licensed vaccine service provider in all States and Territories in Australia. Our systems and processes are independently audited and certified to the highest quality and safety standards, assuring our clients of the very best service.

What are your options?

You have two options when considering flu vaccines for employees:

  • On-site flu clinics
  • Flu vouchers

On-site flu clinics

AusHealth Work assists in the initiation and setup of the clinic including:

  • Online booking system for attendees
  • Marketing materials including flyers, posters, email and intranet banners
  • Online/phone/email enquiries
  • Consent forms and other materials supplied in the brand of your company
  • Free lollipops

Flu vouchers

AusHealth can provide vouchers redeemable at your closest participating pharmacy. These vouchers are best for:

  • Small businesses or individuals
  • Remote or regional locations
  • Covering those employees who are unavailable or missed the on-site clinic

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