Sleep factors contributing to an increase risk of fatigue

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Sleep – length of sleep time, quality of sleep and time since sleep

While tired muscles can recover with rest, the brain can only recover with sleep. The most beneficial sleep is deep undisturbed sleep taken in a single continuous period.

The optimum amount of sleep varies for each person, however, an adult generally requires seven to eight hours of sleep daily.

When individuals get less sleep than they need in a day, they build up a sleep debt which accumulates until they can get enough sleep to overcome the sleep debt. Each extra day without enough sleep increases the debt, and when it becomes large enough fatigue can occur. It may take several days before a person recovers from a sleep debt. Sleep debt is common with night shift workers as they often experience difficulty getting enough undisturbed sleep during the day.

One sleepless night can have similar effects on someone as drinking too much alcohol. 
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