Shift design & rostering

When it comes to designing shifts and rostering there is no silver bullet; it’s not just the roster and it’s not just the duration of the shift. It’s challenging for organisations to work out how to risk assess a roster and how to work out what controls it should or shouldn’t have in place because the risk profile for different jobs can be quite different, and this makes the process complex.

It’s also important that instead of thinking ‘I’m compliant with my rules of rostering therefore it’s safe’, you should be asking ‘what’s the likelihood that my staff will be fatigued and what level of control do I need to implement within the workforce in order to manage that risk?’

Consideration should be given to both planned and actual work hours, to ensure workers have enough time to prepare and recover between shifts.

AusHealth have experts who can assess your current roster and implement best practice recommendations. We can also measure your employees baseline fatigue level with a high degree of accuracy using state of the art workplace fatigue systems. 
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