Fatigue Management Training

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AusHealth facilitates engaging training courses that educate workers on the causes, workplace and personal risks of fatigue; and appropriate management strategies. These courses have been developed by a PhD leader in the field of fatigue.
Course title: Fatigue Risk Management Education And Awareness For Employees

Fatigue is widely acknowledged as a major workplace hazard. Any company conducting 24 hour operations, including shift work, on-call duty cycles, call outs and incident response have an obligation to manage fatigue.

Non-work-related fatigue can also cause workplace impairment, and should be considered by any workplace conducting safety-critical work. According to the National Sleep Foundation, one third of Australian adults experience fatigue-related symptoms caused by inadequate sleep.

This training provides employees with an opportunity to learn about fatigue and how fatigue can affect health and safety in the workplace. The primary purpose of this training is to provide employees with useful tips and strategies to manage fatigue and maximise alertness, with a focus on sleep.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this education and awareness session, the participant will:

  • Recognise the relationship between fatigue and sleep;
  • Develop an awareness of the symptoms and behaviours associated with fatigue;
  • Learn some useful tips and strategies to manage fatigue and maximise alertness; and
  • Contribute to productive workplace for themselves and their colleagues.

Certificates are issued electronically following completion of training to the participant and workplace (if applicable).

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