Workplace Observation Service

At AusHealth Work we understand that some workplaces may not have access to an experienced collector who meets the ‘observer requirements’ as described in the ‘Assessment Conditions’ for HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing. With our depth of expertise in drug and alcohol testing and our team of expert collectors who have current industry experience in conducting workplace drug and alcohol testing, AusHealth Work is in a unique position to offer Workplace Observation Services.

AusHealth Work Service Inclusions:

AusHealth Work will:

  • Provide an experienced Collector to undertake the observation(s),
  • Provide all necessary paperwork, and
  • Process all necessary paperwork to the RTO on your behalf.


Before booking a Workplace Observation, it is essential that your workplace has a drug and alcohol policy and procedure that meets relevant and current Standards.

For the Workplace Observation you will need to provide a workplace for the learner to undertake:

  • One (1) breath alcohol test and one (1) oral fluid specimen test, or
  • One (1) breath alcohol test and one (1) urine specimen test,

under normal workplace conditions. This includes supply of all testing equipment, paperwork, a private and confidential testing site and a donor.

If you would like to book a ‘Workplace Observation’ with AusHealth Work, please click on your preferred location and fill out the Workplace Observation Booking Request Form. Once your enquiry has been submitted a Business Development Executive will be in contact with you within two (2) working days to provide you with pricing and will be able to answer any questions that you may have.
Workplace observation booking enquiry