Reasonable Cause Training for Supervisors

Supervisors play a key role in maintaining a drug safe workplace.

Supervisors are in a position to recognise probable drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace including changes in an employee’s performance, physical appearance, behaviour and speech.

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Addressing alcohol and other drug misuse in the workplace should be a priority for supervisors and all employees to ensure safety and productivity.

The training will help your supervisors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make reasonable cause determinations. The training will instruct supervisors to recognise the signs and symptoms of probable alcohol and other drug misuse in the workplace and how to make the necessary risk management interventions.

This training covers
  • The key aspects of your company policy and the role it plays in a drug safe workplace
  • The signs and symptoms of probable alcohol misuse
  • The signs and symptoms of probable drug misuse
  • How to document observations of employee behaviour
  • How to determine reasonable cause
  • How to approach an employee in a reasonable cause situation
  • When and when not to test
  • How to correctly arrange for testing or other interventions

By attending the course, participants will also receive a Reasonable Cause Training for Supervisors Guide and example of an Observation Checklist for future reference.

A Statement of Attendance will be issued on successful completion, as assessed by the trainer for engagement and understanding of the material.

This course runs for 3 1/2 hours and can be delivered throughout Australia at your workplace, or you can register for a public course below.

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