Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education

When introducing a drug and alcohol program for the first time, it’s important to educate all employees.

This should cover both your business's drug and alcohol policy and procedure, and the effects of drugs and alcohol and how drug testing is performed.

This ensures employees understand why the program is being implemented and allows them to make informed decisions about their use of drugs and/or alcohol.

AusHealth Work offers a "Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education"  session which includes the following components:

  • Drug and alcohol awareness and effects
  • Oral fluid and/or urine collection and testing procedures
  • Breath alcohol screening procedures

Education sessions provide managers and employees with the opportunity to learn about the drug testing process, inform them about their rights, obligations and any other issues they may have regarding privacy. Important aspects of the Australian Standards (AS/NZS 4308 and AS 4760), and employee confidentiality and privacy are covered in detail. AusHealth Work will also provide a forum for you to discuss the specifics of your drug and alcohol policy and procedures with your team, to ensure they are aware of expectations. All sessions are conducted by our team of experienced trainers who, in addition to educating staff, have hands on experience in drug and alcohol testing.

After completing this workshop, the participant will:

  • Understand the safety benefits of a drug & alcohol monitored workplace
  • Be aware of the effects of drugs & alcohol on their personal wellbeing and their work
  • Understand the drug and alcohol testing process
  • Be able to make informed and responsible choices in relation to drug & alcohol use
  • Enjoy a safer and more productive workplace for themselves and their colleagues

AusHealth Work can deliver education sessions on-site throughout Australia at your workplace. Each education session runs for approximately 60 minutes, with a recommended maximum of 20 people per session, though more people can be accommodated as necessary. If take home material is required for your employees, AusHealth Work can supply education packs containing general information about drugs and alcohol.

For more information or to discuss your education needs in more detail, contact us today.

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