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Providing your team with proper safety training and information is a key indicator of safety performance. Despite this, as much as 30% of workers have not had such training in their current role.

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO 40379) AusHealth Work offer a number of relevant and purpose built courses, including Reasonable Cause Training for Supervisors.

With our depth of expertise assisting employers develop and implement safety programs, we have courses to address drug and alcohol use in the workplace at all levels:

  • Employee education and awareness, suitable for all members of your organisation
  • Reasonable cause training, to help supervisors identify and act on unsafe behaviour
  • On-site drug and alcohol testing training, teaching Australian Standards-compliant processes and requirements to ensure enforceable results.
For Workers - Employee Awareness Education

Most Australians have some idea of how drugs and alcohol affect them, but far fewer have participated in proper seminars about their health. This means there may be significant knowledge gaps within your team. AusHealth Work's trainers can provide your employees with up-to-date knowledge on the safety implications of improper use of drugs and alcohol, in an open forum. These sessions also walk staff through the drug testing process, as well as provide an opportunity for your leaders to discuss your drug and alcohol policy, setting out your expectations.

For Leaders - Reasonable Cause Training for Supervisors

If a worker is suspected of being impacted by drugs or alcohol, how do your leaders respond? AusHealth Work has developed this unique training course to help them identify, document, and respond to unsafe behaviour. During the session we discuss how to make 'reasonable suspicion' determinations before taking action. We can attend your workplace and train all supervisors how to appropriately intervene and ensure workplace safety.

For Collectors - Drug & Alcohol Collector Training

The AusHealth Work Drug & Alcohol Collector Training includes the nationally accredited unit of competency HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing. On-site drug and alcohol testing requires specific knowledge, if the Collector needs to meet Australian Standards, and ensure unbroken chain of custody for samples. AusHealth Work offers public and private (your workplace-only) courses. 

Each of these courses is available on-site at your workplace, Australia wide, so anyone can improve their skills and safety knowledge.

AusHealth Work can also provide online courses in a broader range of safety topics, so your entire team can benefit from new knowledge no matter where they are.

Any more questions, or want to discuss how AusHealth Work can help you? Contact us today.

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  • Man holding urine sample

    HLTPAT005 Collect specimens for drugs of abuse testing

    This course is designed for participants who are required to perform on-site drug and alcohol testing within their workplace or would like to work within the drug and alcohol testing industry as a Collector.

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  • Work team collaborating

    Reasonable Cause Training for Supervisors

    Addressing alcohol and other drug misuse in the workplace should be a priority for supervisors and all employees to ensure safety and productivity.The training will help your supervisors gain the knowledge and confidence they need to make reasonable cause determinations.

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  • Man staring at liquor drink

    Drug and Alcohol Awareness Education

    This ensures employees understand why the program is being implemented and allows them to make informed decisions about their use of drugs and/or alcohol.

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  • Smiling workman in hardhat

    Online Health and Safety Training

    Conflict ResolutionTime to complete unit: 40 minutes (approximately)Description: This course has been developed to provide an understanding of how to manage and resolve conflict and includes:

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