Blog - Introducing Dr Edwards

Dr John Edwards - Portrait

Dr. John Edwards is AusHealth Work’s Senior Toxicologist.

His role includes providing toxicology advice and support for clients regarding drug and alcohol testing procedures and interpreting drug test results. He is a graduate of Adelaide University with a PhD in toxicology and the measurement of occupational chemical exposures using samples of blood and urine. He has worked in the University sector from 1984 to 2014 (Adelaide University, Newcastle University (UK) and Flinders University) reaching Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the School of the Environment at Flinders University.

His research interests include

  • monitoring drug and chemical exposures
  • assessment of illegal drug laboratories
  • measuring mercury in tuna
  • the remediation of chemically-contaminated land and water, and
  • evaluating genetically modified foods for toxicity.

He has acted as an expert witness in many legal cases involving human toxicology. He is been a member of Commonwealth Regulatory Committees on safety of chemicals and medicines and Australian Standards Committees on nanomaterials.

John will provide future topics on this page discussing issues including medicinal cannabis and its impact on drug testing, the likely effect of the change in codeine to prescription-only medicine, and the poppy seed contribution to positive tests for opiate use. If you have any topics you would like to see, please feel free to email Dr Edwards directly.