If you eat a lot of Poppy seeds can you return a non-negative drug test result. Can the AusHealth toxicologists explain how this happens?

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Yes. Poppy seeds can contain Opiates & Codeine. 

Australian grown poppy seeds are known to be particularly rich in opiate content. A teaspoon of seeds (5g) can result in a strong non-negative result and a confirmed positive lab test.

Given the fact that poppy seeds are commonly used in food (e.g. in salad dressings, in some casseroles and curries, and as toppings on baked goods) there is a need to be careful here. Whenever possible AusHealth recommends declaring poppy seed ingestion if it happens a day or so before an on-site test.

But there is no need to be overly concerned as the AusHealth toxicologists will be able to distinguish poppy seed intake from other opiates by the relative morphine to codeine levels.

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