COVID-19 Update July 22 - Coronavirus in Australia – Advice Regarding Drug and Alcohol Testing

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AusHealth monitors the State and Territory jurisdictions regarding the pandemic of infectious coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and its associated illness (“COVID-19”). AusHealth will adapt our approach in accordance with relevant recommendations.

As restrictions vary nationally, AusHealth will continue to maintain performance standards that reduce the risks to businesses associated with on-site drug and alcohol testing in compliance with the recommendations.


AusHealth best practice will remain as follows;

  • Collectors shall isolate themselves and seek medical advice if experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if in contact with someone who has confirmed SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Collectors shall maintain social distancing where possible. Where social distancing is not possible or where it is recommended by the relevant health authority, collectors will wear surgical masks. Our collectors have been provided with training and guidance in the effective use of surgical masks.
  • Collectors shall maintain good hand hygiene and contain coughs or sneezes to prevent spread of the virus to others and to prevent spread onto surfaces. This includes provision of ongoing guidance on hand hygiene practices including glove procedures.
  • Collectors shall clean surfaces with effective disinfectant materials, use clean spill capture mats, wash hands between each donor encountered and use fresh gloves to handle specimens.
  • Collectors shall continue to disinfect breath alcohol test devices between each donor use.

AusHealth recommends that Client Businesses may continue to implement protective measures to ensure a safe workplace. These steps may include;

  • Return to work testing by temperature monitoring, COVID swab testing, or antibody testing.
  • Workers maintaining appropriate social distancing where possible and continuing hand and cough hygiene measures.

AusHealth Work are committed to working together with a shared focus on the health and wellbeing of the people in our respective organisations. We thank you for your ongoing support to AusHealth Work and our team.